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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


His name is ARTHUR SINTAR . He's my friend but he's my boyfriend once! Damn I didn't know he can sing well! I only know he can play the guitar!  He sang this barney song much better than he sang Yuna's song in the fone with me the pass 2 years ago. He's a nice guy! A very very very nice person! He dadicated this song for Belinda,his Gf. (I guess so la) So sweet! Hey Belinda lucky you to have him. Take a good care of him aite? And as for you my friend thankx for all the good and bad times that we had together for the 2 years we have been through in our relationship. I'm moving on and so do u! Miss that moment! By the way enjoy this video peeps

p/s: Istill can't belive u can sing man!

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