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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Assignment For Sir Azrul :: 10 BAD PLASTIC SURGERY

WELL my course lecturer for DBN 122 ( DIPLOMA IN BUILDING ) asked us to make a special entry for his class. I'm very happy but when he told us it must be in english my happiness truns to sadness and disapointed. But for you sir i'll do anything and as the reward you must give me Anugerah Dekan ok sir?! =P

 From Jocelyn Wildenstein, a US$4 million monster, to --who else?-- Michael Jackson, meet these ten plastic surgery addicts, terrible examples of really bad plastic surgery gone wrong. 

 Hang Mioku: the korean plastic surgery addict who injected cooking oil into her own face

One of the most famous cases of awful plastic surgery gone wrong, Hang Mioku, a 48 year-old woman from South Korea, became so addicted toplastic surgery that she was left unrecognisable after her obsession led her to inject cooking oil into her face. She had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28. Following operation after operation, her face was eventually left enlarged and disfigured, and the surgeons she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and one suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder. So Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face. It became so grotesquely large that she was called "standing fan" by children in her neighbourhood - due to her large face and small body. 

As Hang's notoriety spread she was featured on Korean TV, viewers seeing the report took mercy on her and sent in enough donations to enable her to have surgery to reduce the size of her face. During the first procedure surgeons removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang's face and 200g from her neck. After several other sessions her face was left greatly reduced but still scarred and disfigured, a true challenge for korean plastic surgery. 

 Jocelyn Wildenstein: a US$4 million monster

Known by the press by the nickname of "The Bride of Wildenstein" --a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein--, Jocelyn Wildenstein has allegedly spent almost US$4,000,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years, ending up as one of the worst and most famous cases of plastic surgery addiction. But who did that happened? 

Once upon a time, in the late 70’s there was a beautiful women named Jocelyn Wildenstein. Jocelyn really had it made. She was a fresh-faced mother of two and married to an extremely rich art dealer. That is until she caught her husband in bed with a 21 year old Russian model. Now, any normal person would just leave her husband and take all of his money with her, right? Not Jocelyn Wildenstein! Instead she decided to win back her husbands love and make herself more beautiful by going under the knife. Well, her husband left her anyways, but Jocelyn will always have her plastic surgeon. 

 Michael Jackson: more than 10 nose surgeries

Does this really need to be explained? It’s incredible to forget how absolutely normal Michael Jackson looked back in the 70’s and 80’s, attractive even, before turning into the sideshow freak that he is today. He is rumored to have had more than 10 nose surgery procedures on his life. 

 Pete Burns: famous singer, spent almost all of his life savings on reconstructive surgery

Pete Burns, former frontman of the British band Dead or Alive --famous for their single "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"--, has had extensive polyacrylamide injections into his lips, along with cheek implants, several nose re-shapings and many tattoos. He revealed in early 2006 that he had spent almost all of his life savings on eighteen months of reconstructive surgery after a procedure on his lips went horribly wrong. 

 Dennis Avner: the Catman

Dennis Avner, also known by "Catman" or his native american name of "Stalking Cat", has undergone incredible extensive surgery in order to look like his totem animal, the tiger. Modifications include extensive tattooing, transdermal implants to allow whiskers to be worn, subdermal implants to change the shape of the face and the filing and shaping of the teeth to make them look more like a tiger's. 

 Eric Sprague: the Lizardman

Born Eric Sprague in 1972, the Lizardman was one of the first people to have a split tongue and in some circles is seen to be wholly responsible for the recent popularity of this particular modification. This 37 year old man has transformed himself into a reptile via 700 hours of tattooing, five Teflon horns implanted beneath the skin of his eyebrows, filing down of his teeth into sharp fangs, bifurcation of his tongue, and stretching of his septum and earlobes. 

 Donatella Versace: a caricature of herself

Since taking over for her brother Gianni Versace, platinum blonde fashion designer Donatella Versace has gone through some drastic changes thanks toawful plastic surgery, turning herself into a caricature. Although nose jobs are usually done to make a nose smaller, Donatella’s has grown larger over the years. It is also wider and flatter and slightly crooked, indicating that at least one bad nose job took place. In addition to her big nose, Donatella also has large lips, like the trout pouts of the Hollywood divas the designer dresses. Although the fashion icon has always had big lips, the oversized upper lip indicates that fillers, like collagen, have been used liberally. For a 53-year old, Donatella’s skin is very firm, indicating a possible facelift. She probably also uses dermal injectables like Botox to eliminate wrinkles, even when she smiles. Her tight face is a strong contrast to the loose skin on the rest of her body. And yes, Donatella’s weight loss also revealed her breast implants. Anything left? 

 Jackie Stallone: facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job...

The mother of famous actor Silvester Stallone, Jackie was also famous for claiming she can talks to dogs about the future, she also once set up a psychic hotline which would charge callers for advice. Now she’s relatively famous for what looks like a little too much plastic surgery, as she has tried everything: facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job and, of course, lip jobs. 

 Amanda Lepore: world's most famous transexual

Once a poverty-stricken young boy, Amanda Lepore's countless surgeries have made her one of the world's most famous transexuals. She had her firstplastic surgery at the age of 15, getting a sex change in her last year of high school, and countless surgeries after that. 

 Michaela Romanini: italian socialite, famous for her collagen abuse

Last but not least. Meet italian socialite Michaela Romanini. Another plastic surgery gone wrong, this lip collagen abuser is only 40 years old, and became famous after her many surgeries. 

P/S : WHO cares if you have ugly face as long you have a pretty heart and mind. Bare in your mind that this 10 people are the most ungreatful person because they try to change the beutiful creation on us that God's ever gave us.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zaman Moden Mana Ada Orang Setia

Sape yang sokong tajuk entry ni??? Sila la ye angkat tangan macam saya 
sambil goyanggoyang tangan

Takde la Ricca nak kata semua orang yang da hidup dalam dunia moden ni tak kenal erti 
But mostly Ricca buat pemerhatian sendiri hanya ada 30% kesetiaan yang menetap dalam diri kita. Tak percaya? Tak pe la. Ricca tak paksa. But this is the fact that I opssalah. Bukan I tapi we have to faced in this modern days. 

The question for this entry now is :


- Becauseeeeeeeeee............ I said so la. Ish! Tanye lagi. Takde la.Sebab NYA ADALAH..... cuba korang pandang sekeliling korang. Apa yang korang nampak? Ricca tau mesti korang akan cakap "aku nampak orang la bodoh!" . KANNNN???? Korang raserase la kan "orang" yang korang nampak tu berapa kali menghadap bendabenda IT and Elektronik. Ricca tak cakap FB k. Ricca kata BENDABENDA IT and Elektronik. So agak global ye maksud Cik Ricca tu. (merepek gile aku!!!!) . So lets start your counting boys and girls. Ricca tau mesti korang ada FB kan??? kan??? kan??? Tipu kalau takda!!!! FB tu pun bendabenda IT zaman sekarang. Apa tujuan FB sebenarnya? Cari kawan ke? Cari Lawan ke? Cari pempuan ke? Cari lelaki ke? Cari duit ke? Cari skandal ke? erkk Ricca babbab skandal ni agak touching sikit k. Tukar arh topik! hehe. Actually FB ni tempat kita cari kawan bukannya nak gaduh sana sini (tapi aku kadangkadang buat gak doo =.=') . Tapi nak tau tak FB ni juga la tempat orang hancur kan rumah tangga orang lain. FB ni juga la tempat orangorang zaman moden ni nak pasang skandal ramairamai. Asal nampak gambar pempuan mulut alaala cute terus la nak add. Bila da kena app mula la si lelaki gatal nak usha awek yang mulut comel tu la sangat. Da usha dapat pulak number konon nye senang nya inform pape.Pastu mula la text hi sana hi sini. Pastu seminggu kemudian da couple do! Seminggu do! WAAAAAAUUUU!!! Pastu tak sampai sebulan break. Pastu post kat FB camni " TAHNIAH YEEE! ANDA TELAH BERJAYA MENJADI SEORANG PLAYBOY BERMUKA BINATANG BERKAKI EMPAT TAKDE TENGKUK" (STATUS AKU KAT FB ni!!!!) sebab apa? Sebab BF korang ada skandal kat dalam FB tu. Da la ada skandal dalam FB tak pandai pulak nak soroksorok. Pastu mesej kat GF camni " Syg. . . kita clash la ok?" . Amboiii senang nya nak minta clash kan kan kan? Betolbetol perangai macam janik. Pada kaumkaum hawa yang kat luar sana mesti korang rasa nak lempang kepala kaumkaum adam yang serupa gini dengan bom atom kan? KANNNN? Sooo kesimpulan nya. Yang kaum hawa jangan la terrrrgoda sangat kat lelaki yang muka jambu ni. Sebab hakikatnya mereka GAY. Aish takde la hehe. Sebab hakikatnya takde yang betolbetol setia. Bagi Ricca lebih baik bercinta selepas berkhawin. Sebab ape? Korang rase la sendiri pastu inform kat Ricca k ape yang korang rase tu. Lagi satu kuat kan la pendirian. Berdoa sentiasa untuk menghindari godaangodaan syaitannnnnn!!!!

2) Punca tak setia pada zaman moden?
- Sebab terdedah sangat dengan bendabenda baru yang menyangkut paut kan diri kita dengan duniadunia IT ataupun siber. Bila zaman da moden mesti la semua kena cangggih beb! Time ni la korang akan nampak semua nak bersaing tunjuk sape yang paling the vough! (gitu ke spelling vough?) Time ni juga la korang nak tunjuk kat semua orang yang " I ade FB..YOU ade tak? You add I kat FB tau. Boleh chat. I bosan la kat rumah malammalam. If you add I boleh sembang sampai subuh =) " . Annoying giler do! Pastu mula la nak gatal chat sana chat sini. Ricca nak tanya sikit berapa percent muka kawankawan korang kat dalam FB macam  jalan raye? Tau tak jalan raye? Tak tau? Cuba tengok jalan raye tu. Licin ke tak? Halus ke tak? Itu la maksud Ricca ye anakanak!. Back to the question. So berapa peratus? Paling maximum pun 20% minimum 10 %. KAN?? jangan nak tipu. Tipu la kalau korang nampak gambar awek cun melecun pastu abang body sasa..korang tak nak add. Tak yah suruh add da add terus kan? Mak suruh basuh baju tak nak pulak. Pastu bila dapat BF/GF yang buta IT korang senangsenang jek kan nak tukartukar relationship status kat FB. NICE! Tapi pada hakikatnya korang da sure ke gambar orang yang kornag tengah dok bercinta cintun tu gambar dia? Korang sure ke dia tu dr Australia kononya? Korang sure ke dia blajar kat University of Oxford? Bagi Ricca lebih baik bercinta dengan orang yang buta IT tu daripada orang yang expert dalam IT. Sebab orang yang expert IT akan senangsenag jek memperbodohbodohkan orangorang yang tahap kepandaian ke-IT-an nya tu tak sampai separuh nye punnn (stail apek johan cakap).

Sooooo thats all la from me. Ricca nak minta maaf kalau Ricca ada TERRasa kan hati korang ke. Ricca minta maaf kalau entry ni tak senonoh. Pastu Ricca nak minta maaf sangatsangat kalau entry ni membosankan langsung!!! Lupa pulak nak bagitau kat awalawal entry ni yang butang "X" kat atas sentiasa menanti anda. Tu jek la Ricca dapat sampaikan hari ni. Ni pun bersebab. Mana ada benda takde sebab kan??



P/S : Ricca tak sindir orang k. Tapi sape yang terase tu pakai jek la plastic bag lepas ni bila nak keluar rumah. ANDA beruntung sebab saya tak sebut nama ANDA =)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bila Abang Apek Marah !!

First of all Ricca nak cakap


Today Ricca ada free sikit. Actually yesterday pun free. Lec takde. Ntah la nape. Soooooo yesterday kawankawan satu course ajak gi jalanjalan kat Kuching,Sarawak. Dari campus kitorang nak gi Kuching ambil masa 1 jam. So kitorang terpaksa sewa la kete nk gi Kuching. Kitorang bernasib baik sebab ada 5 orang yang pandai la sangat bawa kete. 

First kumpul kat cafe pastu gi la Desa Ilmu nak ambik kete. Kitorang yang pempuan ni semangat gilerr da nak gi jalanjalan kat Kuching. So Zira,Mirel (a.k.a BEROKKK),Afiq dan Aku guna kete MyVi. Apek, Nana , By and Inut guna kete kancil. Baru jek 5 minit gerak kitorang (budak Myvi) da stuck kat atas bukit. Bukit tu takde la tinggi sangat tapi bila Bro Afiq kitorang ni tekan minyak kete tu taknak gerak. Gelabah siot kitorang!!! Pastu Si Berok suruh Ricca bawa kete tu. Bro Afiq pun dengan pantas nya kuar dari seat driver tukar seat ngan Ricca. Nervous gak la bila nak bawa kete tu. Da la Ricca baru lesen L. Sepatutnya Ricca da dapat Lesen P tapi tu la cikgu Ricca tu nak tangguh sangat. 

OK enough with the license story. Back to the first story. Pas da tukar seat Ricca pun masuk la gear. Ricca lepas la clucth tu tp taknak gerak pulak. Pas tu Ricca try tekan minyak sikit. Taknak gerak jugak! Tekan minyak sikit lagi. TAKNAK GERAK JUGAK!!!!!  Hati Ricca da panas time tu. Gelabah pun ada sebab si Berok macam pandang Ricca tak boleh bawa kete jek. SO the solution for this matter is by tekan the minyak sampai habis. Nak tau tak apa jadi??? Kete tu gerak!!!!! 
Gerak gelabah. Ricca rasarasa la kan kesan tayar kat bukit tu masih ada la. Kete tu hilang kawalan. Apek dengan Berok cakap Ricca pandai drift dooooo! HAHA! Bangga jugak la walaupun macam ada nadanada meyindir. 

Ricca pun da gelabah gilerr!! Berok pun tengok Ricca da semacam so Ricca tukar dengan Berok. Berok bawa baru la kete tu gerak tapi gerak ke belakang ok bukan ke depan. So tukar dengan Apek. Apek bawa barula gerak ke depan walaupun beberapa kali gerak ke belakang. Apek kata clucth kete tu tinggi sangat. So kesimpulannya, bukannya Afiq,Ricca dan Berok tak pandai bawa kete tapi kete memang bermasalah besar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So kete kancil tu Berok yang bawa. Kete Myvi ni Apek yang bawa. Da 10 minit da kitorang jalan enjin kete tu berasap! Hangit gile bau kete tu! Ricca rasa macam kete tu nak meletop jek. So kitorang stop la kat Taman Merdang. Nak cool down kan enjin kete tu. Apek da tension gile! Apek da marah tahap gaban da time tu. Kitorang pun agakagak tension jugak la. Tapi mujur la class rep kitorang SABBIHIS RASYDAN tenang kan hati kitorang.So......... tercipta la sesi perkenalan buat ntah kali keberapa nya kat bawa pokok Taman Merdang.

aksiaksi kitorang

By sedang melancarkan program sesi perkenalan yang ntah keberapa kalinya

Berok,Apek n Afiq bengang haha!

YEAHH!! kereta itu sangat celaka!

Kitorang dengar cite By yang boleh la tahan lawak nya.

Kitorang tengah tunggu kaumkaum adam menunaikan solat. Sementara tu kitorang take picture la dulu...kannnn =)

Ricca , Nana , Inut , Zira

Setengah jam tunggu boss kete tu datang cek kete yang bengap tu baru la kitrang sampai ke destinasi pertama iaitu...FED EX..Tu pun kitorang sesat. Berok tak tunggu kitorang. Dia bawa laju sangat. Da la kete kitorang macam siput. Sedih tau Ricca tengok Apek bawa sampai migrain Apek. Da la takde makan dari pagi. Tapi Ricca memang tabek giler la kat Apek. Kalau takde dia memang kitorang tak sampai Kuching la yesterday. THANKX APEK!

Kitorang kat techno graphic beli barang buildtech =)


ON9 jap =)

JOM MAKAN!!!!!!!

By dengan Mirel aka Berok =)

Apek nak curik makanan By haha

Apek kata : aku order nasi goreng ayam...nape rupe love?!!!




Gay memang cam ni =)

Kann =)

kat waterfornt =)

Zira jadi gile bila............kitorang jek tau =)

Cute tak apek cam ni?? TAK CUTE KAN!!! HAHA

OK la the pictures explains everything. Mood kitorang yang tadinya macam berok da tukar jadik macam budak kecik dapat susu. EH????? salah dapat gulagula =)

Tapi Ricca bengang gila bila Apek dengan Afiq cite hantu kat dalam kete pas tu buat bunyibunyi taksenonoh bile hantar Ricca and Inut gi kolej kitorang.Da la Ricca tido sorangsorang malam tu. Roomate semuanya balik rumah. You make me hot la APEK! Pas ni kau kena belana aku teh peng setiap kali aku nak gi cafe! =)

ok tu jek la from us. BYEEEE =)

P/S :: apek tak pandai pakai sudu !!!!! XD