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Monday, September 5, 2011

Arthur Sintar : I didn't forget . Never forget

Who is Arthur Sintar?? well this guy make a great..awesome..WONDERFULL creation of love in my life. And guess what?? It's his 18th birthday today. He's grown up. Growing up to be a better man for his family n his future. Hell yeah he's an awesome guy! Everybody loves and likes him! How lucky when you've got someone that's  expert in anything . What a luck when you as his parents got 100% respect from him . How lucky to have a brother who understands you a lot like him. How lucky this country to have a genius student like him . How lucky when you have an awesome friend like him and What a luck when a girl can have a sincere heart from him to the end of the holy life. 

Arthur Sintar,
How can i describe you here? How can I describe the wonderfull things you've done in my life? CONGRATULATIONS for you now turning 18 and yeah you're getting old! =P and yeah I'm sorry for the past. I'm sorry for the stupid mistakes that's mostly came from me. I'm sorry for making your tears ever fall for me. I'm sorry for putting the blame on you when I know I'm the one who's supposed to take it. I'm sorry for the awful fights and memories that I've left in that 2 years relationship. I'm sorry for forgetting your big day and I'm sorry for forcing you to remember mine always. I'm sorry for everything. But yeah sorry seems can't change anything between us now.

Hey Udung thanks for the sweet memories that you've gave me in the past 2 years. Hard to replace it. Thanks for making me strong when I've failed. Thanks for being the man in my family though just a while. Thanks for making my mum happy when she's lossing herself for making me a better person. Thanks for the letters. Thanks for making me more responsible in everything I do. Thanks for making me realize in appreciating people who appreciate me more.  Thanks for the patience. and most of all thanks for ever loving me with all you're heart. 

The laugh. The sadness. We've shared together. Never tired for each other. Never complaining for silly things. Never make my heart stop beating for you in that 2 years. 

Hey Udung, I've nothing special to give you on your big day. But I think this entry is good enough to be a birthday gift for you. Hope it's worth it.

Lastly from me, good luck in everything you do. I'll always pray for your happiness with the one you love. Be strong always in every challenge occurs. Be happy as usually you do! Take care of her. Make your parents happy n make her the light of your life.


p/s :: see I've never forget it.. =)

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oyen iyrid said...

Happy birthday arthur..he is my frenzz's bro hehe =)